Elevate your team’s performance with our expert picks for the best Slack apps of 2024. Whether it’s managing tasks, streamlining communication, or boosting morale, these apps deliver actual results directly in your Slack workspace. 

Expect a practical rundown of each app’s essential features, suited for teams looking to maximize efficiency in a no-frills, direct manner. Let’s uncover the tools that will transform the way your team works.

Key Takeaways

  • Slack apps enhance team efficiency by directly integrating task management, team culture building, file sharing, and project management functionalities into the Slack workspace.
  • These apps help maintain a motivated, engaged, and productive team environment, from automating tasks to fostering employee appreciation and recognition.
  • Integrating and using Slack apps is a straightforward process, and they can provide significant organizational benefits, such as reduced context switching, improved collaboration, and increased visibility on project status within the Slack platform.

1. Suptask


Imagine a scenario where sending a Slack message is all it takes to manage tasks effortlessly. 

Introducing Suptask, an app integrated into Slack designed to streamline and simplify the management of tickets as a halp alteranative

With Suptask, there’s no need for frequent switching between different platforms. Users can easily create, delegate, and monitor tasks right inside Slack's help desk.

Suptask ensures effective communication and clear visibility of task progress while providing an organized approach to handling tasks — whether you’re generating tickets directly from direct messages or overseeing requests through one unified channel.

2. Assembly Slack App


Creating a strong team culture in a digital workspace can be challenging, but the Assembly Slack App is here to change that. 

Designed to foster engagement and elevate team collaboration, Assembly allows team members to:

  • Give and receive recognition for exceptional work or collaboration
  • Support agile methodologies
  • Facilitate knowledge management
  • Promote employee recognition

With Assembly, you can create a dynamic work environment that encourages teamwork and productivity.

The impact? Boosted team morale, increased engagement rates, and a stronger camaraderie. With Assembly, it’s not just about doing work - it’s about celebrating it.

3. Bonusly for Slack


Managing employee motivation can often be challenging, yet with Bonusly integrated into the Slack app, it becomes effortlessly manageable. 

The platform is designed to celebrate diligence and achievements, thereby propelling team members toward excellence. 

It allows for recognition of accomplishments, attainment of milestones, and festivities surrounding work-related occurrences – ensuring that no effort goes unnoticed.

Incorporating the Bonusly Slack app within your workspace environment can cultivate a center teeming with gratitude and inspiration. This sets in motion a culture rich in acclaim that uplifts impact throughout your team’s dynamics.

4. Box


In a digital workspace, managing content and sharing files can interrupt the natural progression of discussions. 

With Box—a collaboration tool that offers secure cloud storage—you can:

  • Directly share and preview materials within your Slack chat environment
  • Combine Box’s capabilities with Slack for enhanced security in handling content
  • Supply your team members with pertinent information precisely when it’s needed

Box ensures you stay informed by sending notifications for collaborative invites or allowing you to tailor ticket forms per your requirements.

5. ClickUp


Project management encompasses the coordination of various tasks, timelines, and team contributors. ClickUp is a robust platform for managing these elements by leveraging Slack to simplify and automate operations. 

The integration with Slack offered by ClickUp enhances team cooperation and task oversight through features that include setting up automated accounts and tailoring workflow applications.

Incorporating ClickUp’s functionalities into your Slack workspace allows you to administer project activities seamlessly without leaving the communication hub. This melding ensures that all team members remain synchronized toward maximum efficiency.

6. Clockwise Slack Integration


Managing team schedules in a dynamic remote work environment can be challenging. 

Clockwise Slack Integration is designed to handle this issue with ease. Smartly optimizing team calendars and sorting out scheduling conflicts helps preserve your team’s dedicated focus time.

Clockwise activates Do Not Disturb mode when meetings are in session and offers a daily snapshot of impending appointments, keeping your workforce informed and synchronized. This results in a marked increase in overall productivity.

7. Deel


Managing a global workforce presents intricate challenges, yet Deel streamlines these by incorporating HR applications within Slack. 

This ensures an effective hiring process and enhances the employee experience through automated onboarding workflows to rapid handling of HR inquiries.

By integrating with Slack, Deel enables prompt alerts for tasks like invoice approval and drafting contracts, making human resource duties more efficient and facilitating smooth team administration.

8. Donut Slack App


Building a strong team culture is crucial for any successful organization. But how do you do that in a remote team setup? The answer can be found on the Donut Slack App. 

It is a helpful resource for this information. By facilitating remote icebreakers and team member introductions, Donut fosters team bonding and cultivates a strong team culture.

The result? A more engaged, connected, and productive team.

9. Doodle Slack Bot


Managing the logistics of a team gathering becomes incredibly challenging when participants span various time zones. 

The Doodle Slack Bot steps in to ease this process by streamlining the coordination of schedules. It lets you suggest meeting times within Slack, where your colleagues can indicate their preferred slots.

Forget about cumbersome email chains just to set up one appointment. With the assistance of the Doodle Slack Bot, organizing meetings is transformed into an effortless task.

10. Dropbox


Handling files and documents is essential in all projects, and Dropbox makes this easier by combining forces with Slack to enable effortless sharing of files and management of content. 

From getting alerts for invites to collaborate to tailoring ticket forms as needed, Dropbox delivers a secure way to handle your content.

Dropbox provides your team members with timely access to pertinent information, facilitating smooth cooperation among colleagues.

11. Evergreen


Consider a scenario where acknowledging someone’s efforts at your workplace simultaneously benefits the environment. This is precisely what Evergreen offers—a Slack application that ensures a tree is planted with every accolade an employee receives within the company. 

By fusing staff commendation with ecological preservation, Evergreen renders each instance of recognition doubly satisfying.

12. GeekBot


Introducing GeekBot, an application for Slack that enhances your team’s efficiency by simplifying daily status updates, polls, and conference calls. 

It improves interaction and teamwork in Slack through seamless asynchronous check-ins and compatibility with various project management tools.

GeekBot ensures that everyone on your team stays coordinated, well-informed, and efficient directly within the confines of your designated Slack workspace.

13. Giphy Slack App


Conversing within your team doesn’t need to be strictly text-based and severe. You can enrich dialogues by posting GIFs and Slack emojis and integrating the Giphy Slack App into your Slack workspace. 

This addition serves as a means to commemorate team achievements or simply inject joy and imagination into the work environment.

14. Google Drive

Google Drive

Integrating Google Drive with Slack creates a perfect synergy for efficiency, allowing for effortless file sharing and previews directly within the dialogue and activity streams of your Slack workspace. 

Collaboration on documents and distributing files is made simple. Google Drive’s conjunction with Slack provides your team immediate access to necessary information right where you work – in the familiar confines of your Slack workspace.

15. HeyTaco Slack App


Building a sense of team spirit is now more enjoyable than ever through the HeyTaco Slack App. 

The app elevates team spirits by enabling peers to express their appreciation for one another directly within Slack, with each acknowledgment represented by a taco that adds a touch of uniqueness to every celebrated accomplishment.

HeyTaco goes beyond simply acknowledging completed tasks—it’s about rejoicing in the work.

16. Hrvey


Managing time off can be a hassle in today's remote work culture. But with Hrvey, a time-off management app for remote teams, you can easily manage employee absences within Slack. Hrvey offers the following features:

  • Instant notifications for time-off requests
  • Automated time-off request process
  • Efficient time-off management system
  • Alignment and communication for remote teams

With Hrvey, you can ensure an efficient time-off management system that keeps your remote team aligned and informed.

17. Loom Slack App


Enhance your team communication with a unique flair by utilizing Loom, an asynchronous video recording and sharing app that integrates seamlessly into Slack. 

With this tool within the Slack workspace, you can articulate complex projects or provide feedback through clear and impactful videos, ensuring your ideas are conveyed effectively.

18. Microsoft Team Calls

Microsoft Teams

Remote work has heavily relied on video conferencing, and the integration of Slack with Microsoft Teams simplifies arranging and participating in video meetings that provide high-quality audio and visual recordings.

Combining these tools promotes uninterrupted team communication and efficiency by enabling you to schedule meetings effortlessly with a single click and receive notifications for forthcoming appointments through your calendar reminders.

19. Monday.com


Project management encompasses a variety of responsibilities, including coordinating tasks, adhering to timelines, and collaborating with team members. 

Monday.com facilitates this process by consolidating task management and communication within Slack to enhance alignment and efficiency among your team.

By enabling automated account configuration and providing updates on outstanding assignments directly through your Slack workspace, Monday.com promotes seamless project execution, ensuring everything is managed effectively without leaving the platform.

20. Polly


Gathering feedback from a team can often be an arduous process. Polly, a survey and polling application compatible with Slack, offers fast feedback collection and analytics to support decisions based on solid data. 

It helps facilitate both swift polls and the creation of comprehensive surveys by providing sophisticated features while flawlessly integrating with Slack to enhance data-oriented decision-making efforts.

21. Range


Managing a remote team effectively often complicates maintaining updated and cohesive workflows. By utilizing the Range Slack app – designed for check-ins within teams – this process becomes much more efficient within the Slack platform. 

The app facilitates creating reminders for regular updates and sharing daily schedules of upcoming activities. This ensures that your remote team stays informed and synchronized, significantly enhancing overall productivity.

22. Smartsheet


Project management encompasses a myriad of responsibilities, timelines, and collaborators. Smartsheet elevates this process by offering robust project management capabilities that include:

  • Turning casual Slack conversations into well-organized tasks
  • Getting alerts when invited to collaborate
  • Tailoring ticket forms to fit your needs
  • Managing content securely and reliably

Smartsheet ensures that all team members have timely access to pertinent information, greatly simplifying the collaboration experience.

23. Standuply


Ensuring that a remote team remains informed and in sync is often tricky. Standuply is an app designed for team communication that streamlines updates and stand-ups inside Slack to keep your team current. 

By setting up prompts for check-ins or circulating a daily agenda of planned activities, Standuply maintains alignment within your team and significantly enhances productivity.

24. StatusHero


In the dynamic realm of remote work, orchestrating team schedules can pose a significant challenge. This is precisely the gap that StatusHero bridges. 

By delivering critical project updates to minimize disruptions, StatusHero safeguards your team’s concentrated work periods.

From enabling Do Not Disturb settings throughout meetings to offering an overview of daily engagements, StatusHero ensures your team remains informed and in sync. This contributes substantially to enhancing overall productivity.

25. Tettra


Tettra acknowledges the power of knowledge, and as a knowledge management app enhanced by AI, it enables users to share and retrieve information inside Slack effortlessly. 

By facilitating the creation of new pages or requesting updates on current ones, Tettra ensures that team members can obtain pertinent information precisely when needed, all within the convenience of their Slack workspace.

26. Trello


Managing a project involves numerous tasks, deadlines, and team members. Trello, a project management tool that integrates with Slack, enables you to streamline project management and ensure your team stays aligned and productive.

With Trello, you can:

  • Automate account setup
  • Update your team on pending work
  • Track progress and deadlines
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Collaborate and communicate in real-time

Trello ensures your projects run smoothly, all from the comfort of your Slack workspace.

27. WorkTango


Establishing a robust team culture is essential for the triumph of any organization. But in the context of remote work, how can this be achieved?

The solution lies with the WorkTango app. It encourages connections between team members through virtual icebreakers and introductions, strengthening team bonds and promoting a powerful sense of group culture.

What’s the outcome of using such an approach? You get a team that’s more committed and interconnected and notably more efficient in their output.

28. Workast


The project management process encompasses various duties, timelines, and collaborative efforts from team members. 

Workast is an efficient project management solution that merges with Slack to facilitate the organization of projects while maintaining your team’s focus and efficiency.

Workast simplifies tasks from setting up accounts automatically to keeping the team informed about outstanding assignments. This ensures seamless operation of your projects directly within the convenience of your Slack workspace.

29. Wrike


Project management requires coordinating many tasks, adherence to deadlines, and effective collaboration among team members. Wrike is a web-based project management application that enables users to:

  • Transform casual Slack conversations into organized tasks
  • Get alerts when invited to collaborate
  • Tailor ticket forms for their needs
  • Maintain secure content management

Wrike provides your workforce with the essential data precisely when needed, simplifying the teamwork process.

30. Zoom


Video conferencing has become a crucial part of remote work. Zoom, a video conferencing app that integrates with Slack, allows for:

  • Easy scheduling and joining of video meetings
  • High-quality audio and video recording
  • Scheduling meetings at the click of a button
  • Receiving calendar reminders of upcoming meetings

Zoom ensures seamless team communication and productivity.

How to Add Bots and Apps to Slack

Incorporating bots and apps within your Slack workspace can elevate efficiency, simplify processes, and bolster team communication. 

Setting up a bot user and establishing notification protocols is an uncomplicated process when adding these tools to Slack.

If your goal is task automation, IT incident management, or enhancing team collaboration, you will likely find a suitable Slack app or bot to address those requirements.

The Difference Between Slack Apps & Bots

Slack apps and bots are pivotal in boosting team efficiency and optimizing workflow processes, yet they fulfill separate roles. 

A bot within Slack operates as a conversational agent designed to engage with users through dialogue. In contrast, Slack apps incorporate broader functionalities, including using a bot to provide the app with an interactive “face” and character traits.

For teams aiming to leverage engaging dialogues facilitated by bots or the extensive capabilities offered by apps, each plays a crucial role in elevating productivity via conversations on Slack.

Why Use Slack Apps?

Slack apps offer many benefits, significantly enhancing team communication, project management, and efficiency. Some of the benefits of using Slack apps include:

  • Organizing discussions into channels, reducing the need for context switching, and increasing productivity
  • Integrating various work tools, making it easier to access and collaborate on files and documents
  • Providing visibility into project status, deadlines, and task assignments all in one place, contributing to seamless project management

By utilizing free Slack apps, teams can streamline their communication and collaboration processes in their Slack channel and across multiple Slack channels, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

In leaving Slack, it’s essential to consider the benefits of these apps and how they contribute to a team’s success using the Slack interface.

Slack apps can enhance company culture and morale by integrating employee recognition within the platform. 

Integrating Slack apps into your Slack workspace can take your team’s productivity to the next level, whether you're a small team or a large organization.


What are the 3 most useful Slack functionalities?

Slack’s top-notch features include enhanced communication through messaging, the ability to set reminders for improved task tracking, and seamless project management facilitated by integrating various tools and add-ons.

Indeed, Slack provides exceptional advantages that transform it into a pivotal element in the modern landscape of team collaboration.

What apps can you integrate with Slack?

You can integrate daily tools with Slack to streamline your workflow.

What is the benefit of using Slack apps?

Incorporating Slack apps into daily operations can significantly improve team communication, refine workflow efficiency, minimize the need for context switching, bolster project management processes, and contribute to building a robust team culture.

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