Product and Engineering Triage Ticketing System

Discover how Product and Engineering teams can effectively triage requests, working hand in hand with Customer Support and other teams. Suptask simplifies communication, prioritization, and issue resolution, ensuring a seamless collaborative effort.

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Stories from our PMs and Engineers

Engineering Manager

"We receive all escalations from our Support team via Suptask. Confirmed issues goes in to Github and all communication is on Slack via Suptask. This was vital to align our Engineering closer to our Customers, which has been a success so far."

Product Manager

"We were struggling to get single overview of what issues impacting which customers, across Gitlab and Zendesk. With Suptask we have moved our Engineering closer to our Customer Success team, and I have one overview I can trust."

Software Engineer

"I do not need to leave Slack to help out our Support team to troubleshoot a reported customer case. We all collaborate on Slack using Suptask which is extremely smooth."

"As a customer utilizing Suptask, we've been amazed with the approach to handle potential issues and gathering product feedback. Having this on Slack not only streamlines the process but also enables efficient triaging across multiple teams in a single Slack channel. It's a game-changer for our collaborative workflow, ensuring quick responses and continuous improvement based on valuable user insights."
Armaan Vananchal, Co-founder

Triage in Team Collaboration

Built for team collaboration, Suptask provides the next-generation ticketing system that helps your teams triage tickets together on Slack efficiently.  

  • Triage requests with Product and Engineering teams, helping to easily identify the actions and resolutions that are needed.
  • Bridge the gap between Engineering, Customer Support, Business Units, and Product Management, ensuring all teams work together seamlessly.
  • Integrated with Slack to easily consolidate requests within a channel, streamlining communication with other teams.
Slack ticketing dashboard

Performance Insights and Customizable Overviews

Suptask provides different views to improve insights into the triaging process, helping you and your users overview and track tickets.

  • Leverage the built-in dashboard to monitor and analyze your team's performance, from bug detection to resolution timeframes, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to manage response times and commitments for issue resolution.
  • Tailor your overview, ensuring requests are organized and making it easier for teams to track and address them.
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Simplified and Efficient Ticketing Workflows

With optimized workflows that empowers your teams, Suptask supports a conversational way of submitting and managing tickets.

  • Work as a team to receive, share, and resolve tickets efficiently, ensuring that no request goes unnoticed.
  • Integrate Suptask with your existing tools (GitHub, Gitlab etc), fostering transparency and collaboration among Product and Engineering teams.
  • Direct issues to respective specialized teams, ensuring expertise-driven resolutions, fostering strategic cooperation with Product Managers.

Closely Aligned to Your Teams on Slack

Suptask is natively available inside of your Slack workspace, making it easy accessible by all users and teams to submit their requests.

  • Users can easily submit tickets without obstacles with a ticketing system available directly in Slack.
  • Safely handle sensitive information, creating tickets without exposing sensitive data.
  • Make informed decisions with clear data on the severity of software bugs and their impact on customers, facilitating collaborative triage.

Key Features for Your DevOps & Support Teams

Integration with Development Tools

Seamlessly integrate with Gitlab and Github to optimize the ticket monitoring experience and streamline issue resolution.

Personalized Views

Create custom and personalized views over tickets, allowing teams to tailor their ticket management interface to their specific needs

Keep all context within the ticket

Tickets are a part of your messages, allowing anyone to easily leave replies without leaving for an external system.

Streamlined Approval Workflow

Simplify the process of seeking approvals for critical requests, ensuring that Product and Engineering teams can efficiently manage tasks that require authorization.

No more lost requests

No more "Mark as Unread" or "Remind me Later". Gain the structured process you've been missing.

Improve satisfaction rates

With an efficient ticketing process, resolution times are lower which impacts the overall satisfaction rates positively.

Integrations for Your workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

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