HR Help Desk Ticketing System

HR Ticketing System

Has your HR team ever felt overwhelmed by a flood of employee reque­sts and inquiries? Are you see­king a solution that not only simplifies HR processes but also boosts employee engage­ment? Look no further than Suptask: the next-generation­ HR Help Desk ticketing system designed to revolutionize HR te­ams.

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HR Business Partner

"We are managing a lot of different incoming requests which makes it super easy to have all of this on Slack, in an easy and structured overview and process."

HR Manager

"Before Suptask we handled all support cases via Zendesk, which tended to be cumbersome for users. As we all are on Slack, a ticketing system closer to users and our HR team worked out better than we expected"

Director of HR

"With Suptask, we managed to optimize our overall HR ticket management with up to 3x compared to our previous ticketing system. I can easily track our KPIs and compile the reports I need."

The Future of HR Ticketing Software

Suptask is the next-generation help desk ticke­ting system built for today's HR teams. With our advance­d but simple-to-use product, HR teams can efficiently handle incoming tickets and de­liver exceptional support to e­mployees.

  • Efficient and streamlined ticketing experience for your employees.
  • Centralized management of HR support cases, empowering your HR team to easily manage support cases.
  • Consolidate tickets from all your various input channels into one single place.
HR Ticketing benefits

Benefits of a HR Help Desk Software

Suptask is aligned closely to your employees, making it easy to route and automate requests to the appropriate HR managers, ensuring that responses are shared on time.

  • Increase the employee satisfaction rate with a modern ticketing software that users have access to within their daily conversations.
  • Provide timely answers on inquiries and requests to your employees, using smart and interactive Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Manage your onboarding, payroll, time-off, employee data, hiring & recruitments in one place.

Built For Modern HR Teams

Suptask optimizes how HR teams handle task management and incoming requests. It stre­amlines the process of submitting ticke­ts and guarantees that everyone can easily access the assistance they require­.

  • Provide a centralized platform for ticket tracking and management inside of Slack.
  • Easy onboarding and integration onto any organization size, from small teams to larger enterprises.
  • Integrate a ticketing system where your users are already working together - on Slack.
Slack ticketing dashboard
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Human Resources ticketing statistics and reporting

Customize the ticketing system for HR

Everyone has their requirements. Suptask was built to allow HR team's to adopt the ticketing experience to their needs.

  • Customize the HR inboxes for support cases, onboardings or new hires.
  • Create and define as many different support forms as you want, to cover all your different use cases.
  • Optimize and save time for your HR team, automate the ticketing process and manage dedicated inboxes for your HR managers.

Helpdesk for HR Professionals

Overview, analyze and track the progress and statistics across users and your team. Helping you to report on your KPIs and get insights into details.

  • Overview and report on the status and performance of tickets and your team, tracking valuable insights.
  • Easily overview all your cases with custom views and filters, customized to each user.
  • Support cases are automatically AI summarized for you, identifying both the problem and solution.
Suptask: Slack ticketing software

Features from Suptask that empowers HR teams

HR ticketing tool integrated to Slack

Suptask is available within your Slack workspace, submit and manage tickets at your convenience.

Ticketing aligned to your conversations

Create tickets from Direct Messages (DM), message threads or from any other channel.

Keep all context within the ticket

Tickets are a part of your messages, allowing anyone to easily leave replies without leaving for an external system.

Works with other systems

Unite and integrate with Zendesk, Gitlab or any other system to further optimize your ticketing experience.

Respond and act without a burden

Easily understand the context of the ticket, apply a private comment and share your reply as part of your conversation.

Unlike any other ticketing system

Built for today’s teams and workforces, moving ticketing closer to you and your users.

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