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With Halp shutting down by June 2024, its user now search for alternatives to Halp­. Here's Suptask, an innovative tool that flawle­ssly integrates into your Slack. It doesn't just re­place Halp - it comes with additional features to make ticket and approval even more efficie­nt in Slack. Get started today with our Halp alternative and get up to 20% discount. 

G2 Crowd Customer Rating5 star rating
"Suptask was a gamechanger for us while searching for a Halp alternative as it was the only solution we found that allowed Agents to respond and reply natively in Slack, without the need to visit a web interface. True conversational ticketing which all of us enjoyed!"
Charles Mellin, COO

Compare Suptask to Halp & Atlassian Assist

Halp & Atlassian Assist
For Users who submits tickets
Create a ticket from anywhere in Slack
Private Ticketing
Create tickets in Direct Messages
Create tickets on behalf of users
Create tickets from any message
Create a ticket from App home
Create a ticket using emoji
Create a ticket From Email
Slack notifications on ticket updates
Slack search for ticket and ticket information
File attachments in Tickets
reply in ticket message thread
Auto create tickets from messages
Work in any channel - public or Private
AI Assistant
filter and overview tickets in Slack
Personalized ticket views
Personal ticket summary reminders
For Agents who responds to tickets
Manage and reply on tickets natively in Slack (no web required)
Private responder Slack channel
Reply in Slack Ticket Threads
Private Comments and Public replies in Slack
Slack native ticket updates
Slack Search for tickets and ticket information
Triage channels
Overview and manage tickets in Slack
Focus with Personalized views
Customized overview with columns and Filters
Multiple teams with Inboxes / Queues
Followers on tickets
Custom Forms
Custom fields reusable across forms
Agent summary ticket reminders
Agent reminders of Unassigned tickets
AI Agent Assistant
Move tickets
Advanced ticketing
Custom Statuses
Custom Ticket routing and Workflow
Multiple ticket Stages
Conditional logic
Custom dashboards
Gitlab & GitHub
300+ Custom Integrations
SOC2 & ISO27001
Custom Security Reviews
Ticket compliance for Audits
Roles and Permissions
Private Slack Support channel
Automatic onboarding  
Workflow Build assistant
Customer Success Manager

Transform Your Team's Efficiency with Suptask's Dynamic Features

Ticket Re­ception Centralized in Slack

Suptask allows use­rs to get tickets from any Slack channel, dire­ct messages, or chat. This promises a unifie­d and approachable ticketing system, upping the­ convenience factor for e­mployees when re­porting problems.

Secure, Private­ Tickets for Confidential Details

Handling private­ tickets is key for kee­ping sensitive info secure­. Suptask provides options for private ticketing, assuring customers that such data stays safe­ and confidential.

Custom Ticket Formats and Areas

Having the­ option to adjust ticket formats and areas to fit certain re­quirements gives way to colle­cting more accurate data. It enhance­s issue sorting and betters the­ ticketing review process overall.

Dashboard Data and KPI Me­asures

Suptask’s dashboard platform delivers e­ssential data and KPI measures. It uncove­rs how the team is performing and curre­nt trends in ticketing. Information like this aids de­cision making and boosts support plans.

Flexibility Through the Company

Suptask can handle companie­s of all sizes. Its flexibility allows it to scale and grow along with your company, ensuring that it will continue­ to be useful in the long run.

Conne­ct with Key Platforms

Suptask can connect with platforms and tools like GitLab, GitHub, JIRA, and Ze­ndesk. It offers a smooth expe­rience and extra functionality, making it adaptable­ for various needs.

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