Help Desk Ticketing System for IT & Support Teams

Suptask is the specialized IT ticketing system perfect for IT & Support teams. Navigate the unique challenges of modern IT support with a Help Desk ticketing system that understands your needs.

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Stories from our users

Technical IT Support

"We are managing all of our incoming requests in a single Slack channel using Suptask ticketing system. It has made our daily work easier as the communication with users is flawless."

IT Manager

"Our previous system forced people to an external ticketing system, but conversations about tickets were still happening on Slack. Suptask really was the missing piece for us"

System Administrator

"Our organization is all on Slack and we had to deal with tracking messages before. Now we can easily overview and track it with Suptask which works great."

"We were delighted to see the positive impact from implementing Suptask for our organization, where we saw a significant improvement on the user satisfaction score and how it boosted the overall collaboration between our teams."
Darron Gelderbloem, Programme Manager

Centralized IT Help Desk ticketing on Slack

Suptask helps managing frequently rece­ived support case­s from the organization. Making it easy to centralize and scale ticketing, even with a smaller team.

  • Eliminate scattered requests. Consolidate IT tickets from all employees in a platform they already use daily.
  • A system that scales with your IT and Support departments.
  • Never lose track of IT issues, from login troubles to hardware malfunctions.

Effortless collaborative IT Ticketing

Work together with your team and cross-team on resolving submitted tickets.

  • Embrace team collaboration, ensuring swift resolution of IT and support issues.
  • Boost IT team efficiency with a helpdesk ticket system experience right where users are.
  • Customizable remediation of tickets privately or publically.

A Help Desk Tailored for your needs

Suptask is built with features in mind that is tailored for IT & Support teams inside of Slack.

  • Safely manage tickets privately or publicly without exposing any sensitive information.
  • Gain actionable insights into your Support and IT team's efficiency and response times
  • Ensure IT issues are addressed promptly, adhering to your SLA.
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Manage your tickets with an ease

The unique Help Desk ticketing experience from Suptask helps you gather requests from all different ends, without missing out on any ticket.

  • Capture tickets from channels, DMs, and group chats.
  • Track and overview adopted to all your users, with customizable filters and data fields.
  • Resolve tickets together with your team in private channels.

Help Desk Analytics

Analyze and measure using industry KPI metrics, to get insight into performance of your ticketing system.

  • Intelligent AI summarizes your tickets automatically, making it easy to overview and search.
  • Implement interactive Service Level Agreements (SLA) that proactively notify your IT team on Slack about pending service requests or overdue tickets.
  • Utilize the dashboard to monitor key IT support metrics, from first response times to resolution durations.

Features for your IT team that makes a difference

Integrated to Slack

Available in your Slack workspace with the complete ticketing experience.

Private tickets for privacy

Sensitive information can stay safe using private tickets.

Keep all context within the ticket

Tickets are a part of your messages, allowing anyone to easily leave replies without leaving for an external system.

Works with other systems

Unite and integrate with Zendesk, Gitlab or any other system to further optimize your ticketing experience.

Attached files

Include all context in tickets including attached files.

Unlike any other ticketing system

Built for today’s teams and workforces, moving ticketing closer to you and your users.

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