Ever tried to create a Slack reminder and got stuck? Using Slack reminders is simple once you know how.

1. To start, use slash commands. Write /reminder in your text box, and click on 'Set yourself a reminder' above. 

Set Yourself a Reminder

2. This opens a pop-up where you can set the reminder. If you need a reminder for a specific message or file, insert in tre description. Choose the day and time and click 'save'.


After these steps, Slackbot will tell you that your reminder is scheduled. You’ll get a text alert in the right channel when your reminder is due.

If you prefer an alternative method, you can write /remind In any message box followed by what you need to remember. For instance, if you type ‘/remind me to call Jim at 2 pm Tuesday,’ it will set up a reminder for that task.  Make sure to turn on your notifications so you receive the reminers.

Not only can you set up reminders for yourself, but you can also do it for others or within a particular channel. These reminders can be for single or regular events like "every Monday."


How can I see and change reminders in Slack?

Enter “/remind list” in Slack's message field to look at and edit your reminders. It will display all upcoming reminders and their due dates. Find the specific reminder you need to alter or remove where you created it first, then click the three dots next to it. This will give you edit and delete options.

How to cancel a reminder in Slack?

To remove a reminder in Slack, head to where you created it first. Look for the specific reminder, then click the three dots next to it. Once you click ‘delete’, make sure you confirm to ensure it's canceled.

Can I make reminders in Slack?

Yes, in Slack, you can put reminders for tasks. Type /remind and include the task and time. Or, use the Reminder Button or type /remind in your message field, pick it from your shortcuts menu, and give the details of your reminder.

Can I connect other apps with Slack for better reminder features?

Sure, you can link Slack with some apps like Suptask, Clockwise, Asana, Trello, Monday.com, Zendesk, and Google Calendar to improve the reminder features.

Can I change default reminder times in Slack?

Yes, you can change the standard reminder time on Slack. This is possible through the Preferences section. However, there's no clear option just for changing default times.

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