Suptask is the new way of working with tickets where your conversations on Slack are turned in to a full blown ticketing system, without leaving Slack. We are enabling companies to shift-left, remove barriers between teams and decrease their response time by optimizing the time-to-resolution (TTR).

With a new model of working with tickets, Suptask is enabling complete teams to be engaged and involved in the remediation process without restricting it down to a set of specific people (aka "agents"). With us everyone can be an agent, it's unlimited by default.

Our conversational based ticketing solution enables you to request, assign, prioritize and respond to incoming cases in your existing Slack workspace.

We are moving teams closers to each other, leading to happier customers and a smooth process to cooperate internally.

Located in Stockholm. Funded by our founders and a group of angels. Loved by people around the world.

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