Why are users leaving Slack to track, manage and reply on their tickets when the internal communication and collaboration about the ticket is happening on Slack together with their colleagues? 

By moving the ticketing system to be operated completely on Slack, wouldn't you save tons of time and improve collaboration across teams? 

With these questions in mind, we started to build what now have become a global product that empowers all kinds of companies world-wide, small and large, in their daily work on Slack.

With a new unique model of working with tickets, Suptask is enabling teams to be engaged and involved in the remediation process of tickets.

Slack transformed how organizations are communicating. Suptask is transforming how ticketing systems are operated within organizations, with the next-generation ticketing system purpose built for Slack.

With a ticketing solution that runs natively inside of your Slack workspace, where users can manage, submit and respond to tickets from within their conversations.

We are empowering organizations with faster turnaround times on resolving tickets, moving teams closers to each other, and improving the overall user satisfaction when working with tickets.

Located in Stockholm. Funded by our founders and a group of angels. Loved ❤️ by people around the world.

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