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Tickets origin from a Slack message and any following comments are represented in the Slack thread of the message.

Ticket Forms

Customize your Ticket forms with optional and required fields. Choose in what channels Ticket forms should be visible.

Submit Ticket

Tickets are submitted in channels of your choice. Either by adding the :ticket: šŸŽ« emoji on the message or using a slash command
( /suptask create ).

Remediate Tickets

Responding to tickets are done in private channels. Responding users (aka Agents) can manage tickets, share private comments or reply on Tickets.

Filter & Overview

Suptask App in the left side menu of Slack gives you all capabilities to filter, overview and act on Tickets. Including activity and health metrics of each ticket.

Find tickets

Users can easily search and find tickets using Slack's built in search engine or by using slash command ( /ticket 65).

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