Faster resolution times among your teams

We got you covered

Empower conversations

Use your existing conversations to manage a modern ticketing process on Slack.

Reduce Time-To-Resolution (TTR)

Teams are engaging faster, resulting in a better customer experience and faster resolution times.

Natural ticketing

Apply ticketing where your teams are today instead of forcing them to external systems.

Scalable ticketing

No more reminders or marking as unread. Apply a structured workflow to your incoming messages.

No more agents

Use the full power of the team when responding to tickets. We do not charge you for agents.

Make teams work

Remove team barriers, improve collaboration between teams and minimize context switching.

Ticketing in Channels

Set up a channel of your choice from where tickets can be submitted. This can be a public or a private channel depending if you want to keep it closed to a group of users or not.

The second channel you'll set up is private. This is where submitted tickets will be handled and where you invite your users who will act and respond.

Submit. Act. Respond.

Customize your Ticket Forms with optional and required fields. You can have several Forms to handle different incoming requests.

Each Ticket Form can send tickets to its own channels if you desire to have different teams handling different requests.

Ready for your Organization

Tickets can be submitted from Direct Messages or in Channels. With an overview of tickets and filtering options that everyone can access from the left-side menu in the Suptask App.

Your organization now have access to a fully featured ticketing system without having to leave Slack. Integrated in to your conversations, keeping teams closely aligned and optimizing handling time on tickets.

Feedback from our users

Customer Support

Using Suptask to ask for help on customer tickets is extremely easy as we can do it directly from our Slack channel.

Customer Success Manager

I can answer questions. I get help on submitted cases. I get a clear overview of all my tickets. It is working flawless!

Chief Customer Office

Our organization trust the process and statistics from Suptask to manage all our internal ticketing which helps support customer cases faster.

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