Faster resolution times among your teams

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Empower conversations

Use your existing conversations to manage a modern ticketing process on Slack.

Reduce Time-To-Resolution (TTR)

Teams are engaging faster, resulting in a better customer experience and faster resolution times.

Natural ticketing

Apply ticketing where your teams are today instead of forcing them to external systems.

Scalable ticketing

No more reminders or marking as unread. Apply a structured workflow to your incoming messages.

Privacy aware

Submit tickets containing sensitive information with exposing it to other users.

Make teams work

Remove team barriers, improve collaboration between teams and minimize context switching.

Submit tickets in your Slack workspace

Users can submit and track tickets without leaving the Slack workspace. Submit from Direct Messages (DM) or Suptask App Home, for Private tickets with sensitive information. Use one or many channels to empower teams submitting tickets.

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Respond as a team on tickets

Submitted tickets arrives in Suptask-enabled private channels, empowering you and your team to discuss and troubleshoot any tickets together.

Reply with ease to the submitter of the ticket without leaving the private channel, enabled by Suptask unique message syncing technology.

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Customize ticketing to your needs

Customize ticket forms to acquire complete information when tickets are received. Setup several ticket forms to handle different incoming requests.

Ticketing can be set up for single or multiple teams, where ticket forms can be assigned to the teams of your choice.  

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Words from our Customers

IT Engineer

Using Suptask to ask for help on customer tickets is extremely easy as we can do it directly from our Slack channel.

Customer Success Manager

I can answer questions. I get help on submitted cases. I get a clear overview of all my tickets. It is working flawless!

Chief Customer Officer

Our organization trust the process and statistics from Suptask to manage all our internal ticketing which helps support solve customer cases faster.

Overview ticket progress easily

Every user can access the Ticket overview and use the advanced filtering to keep a focus on their tickets. Easily track the status and activity of tickets, with direct access to the ticket message thread,

Looking to search across tickets? Use Slack's built-in search to find a specific ticket id or context information within tickets.

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Integrate to optimize your workflow

Inbound integrations, such as Zendesk or Intercom, allows to escalate tickets to other teams via Suptask, with direct reference links and ticket context. Track all internal tickets that your customers are related and impacted by.
Easily create issues in systems like Gitlab or Github with a single action, directly from Suptask tickets in Slack. Never loose any ticket context between systems and align your product development workflow closer to your conversations.

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