Faster resolution times among your teams

Unique value with a unique solution

Empower conversations

Use your existing conversations to manage a modern ticketing process on Slack with the power of AI.

Faster resolution times

Teams are engaging smoothly, resulting in a better customer experience and faster resolution times.

Natural ticketing

Apply ticketing where your teams are today instead of forcing them to external systems.

Scalable for everyone

No more reminders or marking as unread. Apply a structured workflow to your incoming messages.

Privacy aware

Submit tickets containing sensitive information without exposing it to other users.

Make teams work

Remove team barriers, improve collaboration between teams and minimize context switching.

Submit tickets in your Slack workspace

Users can submit, track and overview tickets without leaving Slack.

• Submit and respond to tickets in Slack channels.
• Private tickets created in Direct Messages (DM) or App Home.
• Support for multiple teams across channels.
• Available in Slack Workflows and Shortcuts.
• Attach screenshots and files.
• Manage tickets across workspaces using Slack Connect.

Respond as a team

Submitted tickets can be remediated by you and your team to discuss and troubleshoot any tickets together.

• Share public replies or private comments.
• Collaborate on tickets directly in the channel with your team and other teams.
• Manage remediation of tickets in a public or private channel, allowing you to select the transparency.

Customize ticketing to your needs

Adopt and customize ticket forms to your needs in order to acquire complete information when tickets are received.

• Configure your ticket forms to be available for your selected audience using different Slack channels.
• Setup multiple ticket forms to handle different incoming requests.
• Utilize dynamic ticket fields to decide what data to be included on your ticket forms - decide order, what is optional and required.
• Support for multiple teams.

AI does the work
for You

Our features powered by AI saves you actual time and optimizes your daily work.

• Automatic intelligent summary of the problem and solution - making it easy to get a quick overview of each ticket.
• Suggest the solution automatically for any tickets that are about to be submitted (coming soon).
• Intelligent tracking and work distribution of tickets (coming soon).

Happy words from our Customers

Software Engineer

"It makes it very easy for all of us in Engineering to keep normal conversations with our Support department on tickets directly on Slack. Now we do not need to leave Slack to help troubleshoot issues on customer cases."

Customer Success Manager

"All our teams are on Slack which makes it very convenient to co-operate on tickets related to customer issues. Suptask really made our daily work more efficient and easier. I also LOVE the AI features they have introduced!"

Head of Customer Success

"Our response times on customer cases got heavily improved after introducing Suptask. We finally have ONE overview of all issues per customer."

Overview ticket progress easily

Overview of tickets is available for everyone to view, track status and manage the tickets. Powered by flexible filtering.

• Overview your submitted and/or assigned tickets.
• Managers can easily keep a track of all tickets for their teams.
• Track status and activity of tickets to comply with SLAs.
• Customer focus - easily identify which organization is impacted by what issues.

Looking to search across tickets? Use Slack's built-in search to find a specific ticket id or context information within tickets.

Business metrics reporting

Every organization have their requirements on what KPIs and  metrics that are relevant to track. Our flexible reporting allows you to tailor it to your needs.

• Reporting includes all data related to your tickets.
• Keep a track of timings such as resolution and replies
• Ingest reporting data to your existing Business Intelligence (BI) solution.
• Receive recurring reports via email.
• Automate reporting with the help of the API.

Integrate to optimize your workflows

Integrations are available to make your daily work easier by minimizing manual actions, and collecting the right information automatically into a consolidated view.

• Native integrations that are easy to get started with for everyone.
• Inbound integrations allow Suptask tickets to be created from  systems into Suptask - perfect for support agents to escalate to other teams.
• Focus on your clients & customers - unified ticketing across support cases and internal issues.
• Outbound integrations creates related issues with a single action to issue tracking systems directly - loved by engineers.

Align your Product & Engineering closer to your Support & Customer Success teams with the help of integrations.

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