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Move internal ticketing closer to all your teams. Achieve faster resolution times and better collaboration while never leaving Slack.

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Faster resolution times

Suptask is a team-to-team ticketing system that lives completely inside of Slack. It lets you receive, manage and respond to tickets faster than other traditional ticketing systems.


Supporting the smoothest escalation ticketing process for Engineering, DevOps, ITOps and Product Delivery teams.

Conversational ticketing

Conversation based tickets is empowering a structured ticketing process from messages being sent by you and your colleagues.

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Empower conversations

Use your existing conversations to manage a modern ticketing process on Slack.

Reduce Time-To-Resolution (TTR)

Teams are engaging faster, resulting in a better customer experience and faster resolution times.

Natural ticketing

Apply ticketing where your teams are today instead of forcing them to external systems.

Scalable ticketing

No more reminders or marking as unread. Apply a structured workflow to your incoming messages.

No more agents

Use the full power of the team when responding and triaging tickets without limitations.

Make teams work

Keep everyone on Slack, remove team barriers and minimize context switching.

Integrations for Your workflows

Suptask works standalone but plays well with others also
Andrew Hansen
IT Operations Engineer

We introduced a ticketing system on Slack together with improving our resolution times on submitted cases drastically.

Niclas Lindqvist

Support cases that were submitted between teams started to get lost. Suptask helped us put a ticketing structure in place without adding more systems to our toolbox.

Brian Cox
Engineering Manager

Suptask is used by five of our technical teams to handle cases from our customer support. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to keep teams interactive on Slack.

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