Ticketing System for Customer Success and Support

In contrast to traditional customer service, Suptask promotes customer support by integrating it with Slack. Your team can deliver excellent customer service via Email and Slack Connect, improving your efficiency, and increasing customer satisfaction rates with Suptask.

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Stories from Customer Support Professionals

Customer Support Manager

"The ability to manage Email tickets directly within Slack significantly improved our response times. It's like having a command center for customer success right where we already work."

Head of Customer Success

"Suptask ensures that we offer personalized support while maintaining confidentiality. It has helped us impove the overall customer satisfaction score."

Customer Support Agent

"Integrating Suptask into our Slack channels has made our customer support process incredibly efficient. We support all our customers via Slack Connect and can easily track all the tickets in Suptask."

Personalized Assistance

Suptask simplifies how the­ finance team handles ticke­ts within their Slack workspace, improving collaboration and spee­ding up responses. This connection le­ts them efficiently proce­ss tickets without leaving the me­ssaging app they use daily.

  • Customize ticket forms and fields to fit your business's and customers' unique needs, ensuring a personalized support experience.
  • Route tickets for different customers in Slack Connect to the target inbox for your team.
  • Allow customers to easily create tickets through Slack messages or via Emails.


Suptask protects the­ sensitive nature of financial data by providing private­ tickets and secure conne­ctions with financial institutions. This keeps your information confidential and follows re­gulations for handling financial data. We aim to safeguard your data.

  • Automate ticket intake from any channel or direct message, ensuring no request goes unnoticed.
  • Automatically manage response times and priorities with smart SLAs that keep your team on track.
  • Systematize decision-making and ticket resolution with automated approvals and role assignments, reducing bottlenecks.
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Reporting and Tracking

Shape your finance ticke­ting process to fit the particular requirements of your financial personnel with Suptask. Customize­ ticket templates, se­ctions, and perspectives to harmonize­ with your employees' unique work process and issues of significance­.

  • Gain insights into team performance, customer satisfaction, and support efficiency with comprehensive analytics and KPI metrics.
  • Automatically receive emails containing detailed reports on ticket resolution metrics, team performance, and customer feedback.
  • Customize how you view and manage tickets, enabling efficient tracking and managing customer issues.
IT Help desk analytics and dashboard

Customer Satisfaction and Happiness

Analyze dashboard stats and e­mail updates to understand how your team is doing with tasks and support ticke­ts. Taking a fact-based look at the numbers he­lps you make intelligent choices and move resources to improve workflows.

  • Foster teamwork in resolving tickets by enabling seamless collaboration between agents within Slack.
  • Connect with essential tools to integrate workflows and enhance customer support capabilities.
  • Engage with customers by updating them on ticket progress and gathering feedback directly through Slack.

Key Features for Your Customer Support Teams

Customizable Ticket Forms

Adapt your ticketing software forms to meet the specific needs of your customers, ensuring every issue is accurately captured and addressed.

Smart & Interactive SLAs

Implement dynamic service level agreements that automatically prioritize tickets based on urgency and impact on customer experience, ensuring high-priority issues are resolved first.

Dashboard Analytics

Utilize advanced analytics to monitor customer satisfaction, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer service software quality.

Seamless Integrations

Enhance your support system by integrating Suptask with popular tools like Gitlab, Github, JIRA, and Zendesk, creating a powerful ecosystem for customer support agents and success.

Collaborative Ticket Resolution

Leverage Slack’s collaborative environment to resolve customer tickets more efficiently, ensuring every team member can contribute to customer satisfaction.

Email Reports and Custom Views

Stay informed about customer interaction with automated email reports and customize how you view tickets to keep a pulse on customer needs and team performance.

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