Remote working is now the new way of working with organizations adopting partly or completely to it. Companies are moving from being physically local to digitalizing the organization and working across country borders - transitioning to a global workforce

Platforms like Slack are supporting this transformation as organizations gather communication among teams and employees in one place. This is also the single place inside of an organization where new workflows and processes are being invented, to support smoother collaboration across teams. 

As more companies move in this direction, cross-organization workflows are also opening up new possibilities of better collaboration across companies. Cooperations between companies are powered by platforms like Slack, where their workspaces are connected, which enables collaboration with remote workforces directly on Slack. 

How Slack Connect Revolutionized Collaboration

With the introduction of Slack Connect, the collaboration between companies using Slack really took a turn. It is now easier than ever to integrate teams from different organizations into the same communication platform, optimizing the co-operation between teams of different companies. 

Iterations that historically took time to perform through e-mail, now could be handled instantly over Slack. Several use cases - from closing deals within sales cycles - to customer support cases across vendors, could now be completed via Slack Connect. Partners could now work closer than ever to accomplish tasks truly together. 

Slack themselves claims that there are very large improvements in terms of time saved, when using Slack Connect. Up to 4x on closing deals for sales and up to 2x for closing acquisitions for business development teams. 

Support and Ticketing with Slack Connect  

Slack Connect opens up great possibilities for support related cases where ticketing is a part of the workflow. Slack claims that ticketing backlogs can be decreased by up to 64% when utilizing Slack Connect as a part of the ticketing process. 

Organizations can easily set up Slack Connect, organize shared channels and set up a ticketing workflow process to submit and remediate tickets across borders. Enabling teams in one organization to submit tickets and have teams in another organization to work on handling these submitted tickets. 

Imagine if you have a partner where you have outsourced your internal IT helpdesk to, where you historically have been using email or an external system to communicate. With Slack Connect you could connect the two organizations and empower an optimized ticketing workflow directly from within Slack, where all users actively work already. 

Ticket system across organizations on Slack 

A working ticketing system on Slack can be extremely useful for organization like Agencies, where  all users operate on a daily basis on Slack. Making it easy to collaborate between members and across teams. With Slack Connect, the door for a ticketing system across organizations and workspaces opens up, while never leaving Slack. 

Suptask is a ticketing system that is built to work natively on Slack. With Slack Connect, Suptask can be set up to empower a ticketing system with workflows across workspaces and organizations. This enables you to have channels where users can submit tickets and receive ticket references (IDs), to track the progress and communication for each ticket. 

Teams can also collaborate to solve and remediate tickets using Slack Connect. Imagine connecting your Marketing partner using Slack Connect and Suptask, to easily handle the backlog of tasks and support cases. 

Sales and Support can set up similar use cases to close deals faster, and handle questions with less iterations times between replies from different parties. 

The ticketing setup with Suptask using Slack Connect, empowers everything from approvals, issues and questions within a working ticketing workflow - purpose built for Slack. It is the new modern way of dealing with tickets compared to the old traditional ticketing systems which are disconnected from the daily work on Slack.

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