This guide will walk you through the straightforward process of adding a colleague to your conversations on Slack. 

By clicking a button or directly mentioning them, incorporating someone into a Slack conversation can be easily achieved using the “Slack add someone to conversation” function.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding new members to a Slack conversation can be done directly through the conversation header by entering a name or email and is facilitated by mobile and desktop versions of the app.
  • Inviting participants to a Slack conversation can also be done by email, where the invitee receives a notification with a prompt to join, making it easy for them to access the conversation.
  • Common issues when adding people to Slack conversations may be resolved by checking the settings managed by owners and admins, especially with Slack Connect channels where admin approval may be required.

The Simple Process of Adding a New Member

The design of Slack simplifies the process of incorporating several participants into a Slack conversation and facilitates effortless file sharing, optimizing Slack support tickets.

Becoming adept at adding someone to a conversation within Slack can significantly enhance team communication, especially for those new to an environment that values inclusivity. For an even better experience while using Slack, try the free version of Suptask as a halp alternative.

Our thorough guide is designed to provide precise assistance and support users in integrating newcomers or external parties into ongoing Slack conversations.

Directly from the Conversation Header

Including someone in a Slack conversation directly from the conversation header is straightforward. Simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the conversation name in the header.


2. Select the ‘Add people’ option to start the invitation process.

Add people

3. Enter the name or email of the person you want to invite.

Enter name

4. Send the invitation.

You can also include the conversation history to the point of the unique invitation, maintaining message privacy. This way, users can easily access and manage their direct messages.

In a Slack plan comparison, if you are part of Slack’s Pro, Business+, or Enterprise Grid, you can customize your invitations further. You can select additional default channels for new members to join, streamlining the integration process.

Inviting someone to a Slack conversation from a mobile device is also hassle-free. Select the ‘Add People’ option from the menu and enter the new member’s email address.

Inviting via Email Address

Alternatively, you can invite someone to a Slack conversation using their email. 

Start by clicking the ‘Add people’ button in the message settings. Next, enter the individual’s correct email address or name, ensuring it matches their Slack account information for an accurate invitation.

After entering the person’s email address or username, invite someone to a conversation by sending them an invitation to their inbox, prompting them to join the Slack conversation.

Once the invitation is sent, the recipient will receive an email notification with a prompt to join the conversation. 

This process ensures that the person you want to include in the discussion can easily access the invite and join the conversation.

Mentioning to Include in Conversation

Using the mentioning feature can effectively incorporate a team member into a Slack conversation. 

Type an ‘@’ symbol and their username within the message composition area or settings.

Employing this method guarantees that the person mentioned is promptly notified, quickly drawing their attention to the specific conversation so they can contribute without delay.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Usually, incorporating new members into a Slack conversation goes smoothly within a Slack workspace. 

However, you may encounter some issues. Knowing how to solve these common issues can make Slack the best communication tool for your team to sustain ongoing discussions.

On the free version of Slack, anyone can invite new members to the conversation by entering their email addresses and sending the invitations. 

However, for Slack Connect channels, the process is a bit different. Only one person from the invited organization needs to accept the invitation for the entire group of invitees.

However, admins may need to approve Slack Connect channel invitations even after the original invitee's acceptance, which could delay the process. 

Sometimes, invitations may fail due to restrictions set by owners and admins who control the acceptance of invitations. Therefore, if you encounter any issues, an excellent place to start troubleshooting is to review these settings.


How do you tag someone in a Slack direct message?

To mention someone in a direct message on Slack, type the “@” symbol followed by their username or pick them from the dropdown menu that appears, then proceed to send your message.

Enjoy your conversation!

How do I share a conversation in Slack?

To disseminate a conversation within Slack, move your cursor over the message in question and select the icon shaped like three dots. 

Following this, opt for “Copy link,” then insert the said link into the designated field for messaging. 

You may append additional text as needed before hitting Enter to dispatch it. Should the origin of the said link be a private channel or direct message (DM), you’ll be prompted with choices: either to “Show message” or restrict visibility to “Only show link.”

How can I add someone directly from the conversation header to a Slack conversation?

Clicking on the name of the conversation at its header in Slack allows you to select ‘Add people,’ where you can input either the email or name of the individual you wish to include in that Slack conversation.

How do I invite someone to a Slack conversation via email?

Select the ‘Add people’ option in the message settings to bring someone into a Slack conversation. Then, input their email address or username accurately and send an invite to them.

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