Can't be on Slack? Set your out-of-office swiftly, no matter your device. This straightforward guide explores quick steps to keep your team updated.

1. To change the Slack status on your desktop app, start by clicking on your profile photo at the top button left corner. It will show a dropdown menu. 


2. You'll see the option 'Update your Status' here. When you select it, you can change your current status. It also suggests previous statuses for easy switching.

Setting a Status

After choosing click save and your status will be automatically updated!


How do I set up an automatic reply in Slack?

Open the Slack application, navigate to your profile picture at the top and select ‘Settings & administration.’ From there, proceed to ‘Workspace settings,’ then click on ‘Notifications’ and opt for ‘Do Not Disturb’ in order to configure an automatic reply.

Should you wish to set up autoresponders within Slack, visit the admin settings where this feature can be created. Give it a go to maintain efficient communication flow!

Can you put out of office on Slack?

Certainly, by selecting a default status or generating your own unique one with an end date in Slack, you have the ability to indicate that you are out of office. You can set your presence as ‘away’ to inform your team that immediate responses will not be forthcoming.

How do I set vacation in Slack?

To set your vacation status in Slack, log onto the Vacation Tracker dashboard, go to the Leave Types section, and select the leave type to set an automatic Slack status for. Alternatively, click on your profile at the top right in Slack, select “Set yourself as away,” choose the duration, and customize a message for your availability.

Can I automate my Slack status?

Certainly! Utilize ‘Status Scheduler for Slack’ or similar tools to set your Slack status automatically. Alternatively, linking Google Calendar with Slack can enable automatic updates of your status in accordance with scheduled events on your calendar.

Experiment with these solutions and notice the improvement in how you manage your communications.

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