This guide simplifies changing your Slack notification sound, detailing steps, and addressing typical sound problems within Slack, mastering the art of effective team notifications.

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Key Takeaways

  • Customize your Slack notification sound by selecting from 12 quirky options or upload your own custom sound through the ‘Sound and Appearance’ settings.
  • Troubleshoot issues like notification sound resetting post-update or not working on various devices by re-uploading custom sounds, checking system focus features, or switching Slack application versions.
  • Adjust Slack or system volume settings to ensure audible notification sounds, especially for multitaskers or when the app is in the background.

Slack's Sound Settings

1. To adjust the notification sound settings, start by clicking on your profile picture in Slack’s bottom left corner. 


2. Once there, choose ‘Preferences’.


3. Scroll down to the ‘Sound and appearance’ tab to change sound notifications.


Troubleshooting Common Slack Sound Issues

Occasionally, you may encounter minor setbacks while adjusting your Slack sound settings despite your best efforts. There’s no need to worry! Let’s dive into how to fix Slack notifications not working.

Below are several typical problems and valuable solutions you might find when personalizing the sound on Slack. Make sure to turn on your Slack notifications to ensure you don't miss anything in halp Slack.

Solving Notification Sound Errors

A frequent problem you may encounter is your personalized sound switching back to the default after updating Slack. 

But don’t worry; a quick fix is to re-upload your custom sounds. Creating a shortcut to your sound files folder can make this process quicker and easier.

If you find that your notification sounds have stopped working on your Windows 10 device, the issue may be related to the status of Quiet Hours.

How to fix Slack notifications not working on Mac? Consider checking the settings to ensure quiet hours are not turned on. Similarly, quitting the Notification Center for at least 10 seconds on macOS before restarting Slack can work wonders.

Sometimes, issues persist despite trying the above solutions. In such cases, switching between the Direct Download and Mac App Store versions of Slack or disconnecting external monitors on Windows devices can fix the problem. 

If you’re using an Android device, ensure that Google Play Services are enabled and functioning correctly.


What is the Slack sound called?

You can select from various notification sounds on Slack, such as “Wow” and “Ta-Da,” To the default sound called “Knock Brush.”

How do I change my notification sound?

To change your notification sound, go to your Profile, then Preferences, then Notifications, and choose a sound.

Can you change the Slack notification sound?

Indeed, by clicking on your profile picture in Slack, you can navigate to Notifications and select a new notification sound of your choice.

Enjoy personalizing the sound of your notifications!

What should I do if my Slack notification sounds aren't working?

To address the issue of non-functional notification sounds in the Slack app, consider examining your device’s system settings, restarting your device, or reinstalling the Slack application to ensure proper notification settings and sounds are activated.

How can I ensure that my Slack notifications are heard?

Ensure that the volume settings within the Slack app are appropriately adjusted or enhance the system-level volume to guarantee that your notifications can be heard distinctly.

Doing so will assist you in keeping abreast of crucial messages.

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