Email Ticketing System - Directly within Slack

Functioning as a email help desk, you can now reply to emails directly from your Slack messages using Suptask tickets. Suptask facilitates improved teamwork — where Slack hubs become the email ticketing system to handle requests, customer questions, and group assignments adeptly, acting as an email-to-ticket system.

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Stories from our users

Customer Support Manager

"Suptask integrates email ticketing into Slack, streamlining our communication and teamwork. It's made handling emails, customer queries, and team tasks more efficient and responsive."

IT Support Specialist

"The ability to create and manage email tickets directly within Slack has significantly improved our response times and team collaboration."

Operations Lead

"Private email ticket and custom views have made handling sensitive issues and tracking performance a breeze."

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More than a Help Desk Email Software

Log, follow, and sort out IT problems right on your most-used communication tool.

  • Create tickets from email conversations outside of Slack - reply in Slack to send email replies.
  • Foster teamwork with shared channels for ticket email resolution.
  • Keep all emails and customer service requests centralized where your team already communicate.

Email Ticket Management System

Make service requests easy and automate everyday tasks right within Slack.

  • Utilize intelligent algorithms to automatically assign email tickets to the appropriate agent, reducing manual sorting and ensuring faster responses.
  • Share administrative responsibilities effortlessly, allowing for efficient delegation and management of email ticketing among team leaders.
  • Leverage integrations with tools like JIRA and Zendesk to assign tasks smoothly across platforms, optimizing the email support ticket system workflow and eliminating the need for constant switching between apps.
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Email Ticket Handling and Oversight

Use smart analytics for informed decisions on Slack

  • This email helpdesk implement customizable email ticketing software categories, enabling your team to identify and prioritize tasks based on urgency and topic quickly.
  • Leverage the power of direct Slack integrations to assign email tickets to the most suitable team members with a few clicks, facilitating smooth task distribution.
  • Monitor email ticket progress with integrated tracking features. These features provide visibility into every ticket's status from inception to resolution, all within Slack.
IT Help desk analytics and dashboard

Enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) Adherence

Better team communication and work with ticketing through Slack.

  • Use Suptask's interactive SLA features to monitor real-time agreement terms, ensuring every email ticket meets your established response and resolution benchmarks.
  • Receive instant notifications for approaching or missed SLA deadlines, enabling proactive measures to maintain service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Tailor SLA parameters to fit the unique needs of different customer segments or service tiers, offering flexibility in managing varied expectations and requirements.

Suptask's Email Ticketing Integration - Key Features

Centralized Ticket Reception

Suptask lets your team receive and manage tickets from a unified Slack channel, enhancing collaboration and response times.

Comprehensive Dashboard Analytics

Track your team's performance and gain valuable insights through dashboard analytics featuring key performance indicators and email reports.

Email-to-Slack Functionality

Extend your ticketing capabilities beyond Slack with the ability to receive emails as tickets, ensuring every customer query is noticed.

Privacy & Customization

With options for private email tickets and customizable ticket forms, Suptask ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and that ticket handling is optimized for your needs.

Direct Integrations

Suptask seamlessly integrates with major platforms like GitLab, GitHub, JIRA, and Zendesk, streamlining your workflow and centralizing communication.

Approvals and Followers

Enhance your ticket management with features for approvals and the ability to add followers to tickets, fostering transparency and teamwork.

Integrating Email Ticketing to Slack:

1. Forward emails

Set up forwarding of emails from your address of choice, for example, to Suptask.

2. Enable Suptask Email Inbox

Enable Email by activating this on your Suptask Inbox. This should be set up with a specific ticket form in your Inbox, making it easy to categorize all you incoming emails.

3. Map Email Addresses

Ensure your email (e.g. maps correctly to the Suptask Inbox. This will automatically convert any incoming emails on the specified address to the Slack Responder Channel in this Suptask Inbox.

4. Define Sender Name

Specify the organization or team name for the sender name of the emails, for example "Acme Inc" or "IT Team". This will be used for new ticket creations and updates going out via email replies, including the name of the assignee.

Note: Suptask utilizes DMARC, DKIM, and SPF for secure email delivery.

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