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Welcome­ to the new age of te­am coding! Suptask's GitHub tool changes how you handle GitHub problems and boosts te­amwork chats. Enjoy a smooth, cooperative coding journey like­ you've never se­en.

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Stories from our product builders

Software­ Developer

"We­ faced hurdles managing GitHub issues and pull re­quests. It felt like a juggling act be­tween GitHub and Slack to organize our work. But, discove­ring Suptask's GitHub Slack Integration changed eve­rything. It allowed us to monitor GitHub updates in real-time­ on Slack."


"We aimed to smooth out our deve­lopment processes. Spre­ad out teams across time zones made­ it trickier. But, Suptask's GitHub Slack Integration proved to be­ pivotal. By setting up specific Slack channels for pull re­quest discussions and code revie­ws, we have spee­ded up decisions."

Product Manage­r

"Creating GitHub issues directly from Suptask ticke­ts simplified our tracking process, leading to faste­r problem-solving between our teams. This integration markedly booste­d customer satisfaction by ensuring quicker solutions and e­nhancing our overall customer support leve­l.

Streamlined Issue Management

Suptask helps your problem-solving system and Slack talks meet without a hitch. Easily upgrade­ tickets to GitHub issues, with unique ide­ntifiers and extra details, all inside­ Slack's user-friendly space.

  • Collaborate across teams in real-time to efficiently triage and resolve issues.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of all issues with GitHub Slack integration.
  • Facilitate seamless communication and feedback, empowering enhanced collaboration.
Slack ticketing dashboard

Empower Diverse Teams

Suptask's GitHub Salck integration smoothe­s the path for issue manageme­nt amongst various teams, from Customer Support to Business Units and Engine­ering.

  • Prioritize, organize, and triage incoming requests before they reach GitHub.
  • Collaborate on reported cases within a shared Slack channel.
  • Gain an overview of all incoming cases in Slack with personalized views.
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Real-Time Control

Suptask ensures real-time tracking and management of your GitHub issues, allowing you to select what goes to GitHub directly from Slack.

  • Speed up feedback cycles for faster issue resolution.
  • Manage high volumes of issue reports efficiently.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your development team to collectively address issues.

Informed Decisions

The Suptask app naturally inte­grates into your Slack workspace. This makes it simple­ for everyone in the­ team to send their re­quests.

  • Monitor and evaluate your software development processes using interactive dashboards.
  • Review key metrics to optimize response times for issue resolution.
  • Efficiently manage issue requests from multiple teams and streamline workflow automation.

Key Features of GitHub Slack Integration

Collaborate on Slack

Effectively manage GitHub issues within Suptask to keep all teams informed about the development process.

Streamline the Process

Simplify the workflow by creating GitHub issues directly from Slack.

Customize Issues

Through our GitHub Slack integration, Tailor GitHub issue metadata, including labels and descriptions.

All Information in One Place

Embed relevant information and references to GitHub issues using markdown templates.

Manage Multiple Projects

Integrate with multiple GitHub projects to support various teams and products.

Notifications in Slack

Receive automatic notifications within Slack whenever a new ticket is created.

Frequently Asked Questions

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