JIRA Slack Integration

Get ready for a new method of working together in software development! Suptask's JIRA Integration changes how you deal with JIRA problems, boosting team communication and productivity to unseen le­vels. Dive into this unique and te­am-based developme­nt strategy now.

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Stories from the IT and Engineering Teams

Software Engineer

"Suptask has revolutionized the way our team collaborates and manages tasks. Real-time notifications, seamless communication, and Slack coversations to JIRA."

Engineering Manager

"Integrating JIRA and Slack with Suptask has been a game-changer for our organization. We now have a centralized hub for tracking project progress, and our teams are always in sync."

IT Engineer

"The ability to send tickets into JIRA directly from Slack channels has improved our team's responsiveness and project visibility. Escalating tickets from Slack has never been easier.”

Unify JIRA and Slack Effortlessly

Suptask's JIRA integration make­s your JIRA issue tracking and Slack chats work together smoothly. Trouble­-free, boost tickets to JIRA proble­ms, featuring custom details and metadata, straight from your Slack workspace­.

  • Collaborate across teams in real-time to efficiently prioritize and resolve issues.
  • Escalate and send in tickets from Slack into JIRA.
  • Never miss out on any details using placeholders and customizable markdown.

Efficient JIRA Issue Handling

From Customer Support to Business Units and Engineering, Suptask's JIRA Slack integration streamlines issue management for all your diverse teams.

  • Prioritize, organize, and triage incoming requests before they reach JIRA.
  • Collaborate on reported cases within a shared Slack channel.
  • Obtain an overview of all incoming cases in Slack, personalized to your preferences.
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Real-Time Oversight

Suptask ensures real-time tracking and management of your JIRA issues, enabling you to choose what gets sent to JIRA directly from Slack.

  • Accelerate feedback cycles for swift issue resolution.
  • Efficiently manage high volumes of issue reports.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your development team to collectively address issues.
Slack ticketing dashboard

Performance Insights and Analytics

Suptask is natively available within your Slack workspace, ensuring effortless access for all users and teams to submit requests.

  • Monitor and evaluate your software development processes using interactive dashboards.
  • Review crucial metrics to optimize response times for issue resolution.
  • Efficiently handle issue requests from multiple teams and streamline workflow automation.

Key Features of JIRA Slack Integration

Slack-Based Collaboration

Effectively create JIRA issues from within Suptask, ensuring all teams are informed about the development process.

Workflow Streamlining

Simplify your workflow by creating JIRA issues directly from Slack.

Customize Issue Details

Through our JIRA Slack integration, tailor JIRA issue metadata, including labels, custom form fields and description.

Centralized Information

Embed relevant data and references to JIRA issues using markdown templates.

Multi-Project Support

Seamlessly integrates with multiple JIRA projects to support diverse teams and products.

Slack Notifications

Receive automatic Slack notifications whenever a new ticket is created.

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