Faster resolution times among your teams

Support and Customer Success

Empower your Support and Customer Success teams with a ticketing system that is adopted to their daily work. Escalate customer cases to other teams, enable collaboration on tickets and coordinate on troubleshooting without leaving Slack.

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Stories from our users

Customer Support

"Our collaboration with other technical teams improved alot after we introduced Suptask. Before we had to hunt them down but now we get help naturally as we keep our discussions on ticket in the Slack channel."

Customer Success Manager

"Instead of jumping to an external ticketing system we can simply keep talking on Slack and still track tickets. I can answer questions. I get help on submitted cases. I get a clear overview of all my tickets. It is working flawless!"

Director of Customer Success

"Suptask helped us move teams closer together and trust a process completely built on Slack. We track KPIs continuously and have achieve faster turnaround times to our customers."

Built with a focus on the customer

Faster Answers

Having all teams closer to Support directly on Slack is shortening the resolution time for customer tickets.

Ask & Escalate

Escalate any conversation in to a ticket to get the attention and answers needed.

Happier Customers

Conversation based ticketing reduces iterations and time, resulting in faster replies to your customers.


Interact on tickets on Slack with colleagues and different teams to solve tickets easily together.

Built for Slack

All actions related to tickets are happening on Slack. No need to leave for yet another system.

Optimized Workflows

Suptask offers several integrations to further optimize how you work.

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