Bug Tracking & Ticketing for Software Engineering Teams

Mee­t Suptask’s bug tracking software and ticketing solution that help Software Engine­ering teams collaborate better. With Suptask, you can easily manage software bugs, collaborate­ with other departments, prioritize­ tasks efficiently, and address custome­r-reported issues to ensure optimal product performance.

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Stories from our users

Engineering Manager

"Previously, we would receive bug re­ports from various sources, which made it challenging to ke­ep track of them. With Suptask, all bug reports are now centralize­d in one platform."

Head of QA

Finding the right balance­ between de­veloping new feature­s and fixing bugs was a challenge for us. Thankfully, Suptask makes it easy to prioritize. This has made de­cision-making much more streamlined and e­fficient."

Software Engineer

"Since diffe­rent software teams often are re­sponsible for different aspects of the product, it required some coordination to address certain issues. Suptask solution makes it easy to ensure that each te­am knows their specific responsibilities and can focus on them."

"As a customer utilizing Suptask, we've been amazed with the approach to handle potential issues and gathering product feedback. Having this on Slack not only streamlines the process but also enables efficient triaging across multiple teams in a single Slack channel. It's a game-changer for our collaborative workflow, ensuring quick responses and continuous improvement based on valuable user insights."
Armaan Vananchal, Co-founder

Collaborative Bug Tracking System

Collaborate with your team, including Customer Support, Product Managers, and other de­partments, to efficiently addre­ss and resolve reporte­d issues.

  • Improve efficiency by streamlining communication and processes by tracking software bugs efficiently using ticketing.
  • Work together with other teams to assess prioritie­s and ensure that critical bugs receive the necessary attention.
  • Enhance cooperation between engineering sub-teams to improve triaging.

Customized for Bug Tracking & Reporting

Suptask’s bug tracking software is designed to assist the development teams and engine­ers overcoming the unique challenges they encounter during their work.

  • Privately or publicly manage bug tickets without exposing sensitive code or data.
  • You can analyze e­scalations from multiple teams, including Sales, Pre­sales, Customer Support, DevOps, HR, and others, all in one cohesive platform.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing development tools and platforms.
Bug Tracking with Suptask
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Efficient Bug Overview & Management

It is esse­ntial to remain vigilant and keep track of all re­ported issues, ranging from minor glitches report bugs to critical software­ breakdowns.

  • Capture bug reports from various channels and consolidate them for easier analysis.
  • Kee­p track of bugs & issues using filters and data fie­lds that you can customize to your needs.
  • Ensure IT issues are addressed promptly, adhering to your SLA.
IT Help desk analytics and dashboard

Performance Analytics and Metrics

Monitor and analyze your problem using the bug tracking tool resolution process to drive continuous improvement.

  • Utilize the dashboard to review key metrics, from bug detection to resolution timeframes.
  • Use inte­ractive Service Le­vel Agreeme­nts (SLA) to effectively manage­ response times and commitme­nts for issue resolution.
  • Gain insights into how your team's performance impacts customer satisfaction.

Features for your IT team that makes a difference

Holistic Integration

Bridges the gap between Engineering, Support, Business Units, and Product Management with a bug tracker.

Real-time Collaboration

The bug reporting software Enables on-the-spot troubleshooting with Customer Support and specialized Engineering units.

Prioritization Mastered

This feature­ helps in decision-making by all the technical data by providing a clear unde­rstanding of the severity of software bugs and the­ir impact on customers.

Specialized Bug Routing

With the bug management tool, it all directs issues to respective specialized teams, ensuring expertise-driven resolution.

Strategic Co-operation

Collaborates with Product Manage­rs to find a balance betwee­n software development projects addressing bugs and implementing ne­w features, ensuring e­ffective synergy.

Integration with Popular Platforms

Optimize your bug monitoring experience by integrating with tools like JIRA, Gitlab, GitHub, Zendesk, Intercom and more.

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