Faster resolution times among your teams

IT Support with Service Desk

Centralize incoming IT requests with a ticketing system on Slack. Easily implement and rollout across your organization to achieve an IT service desk completely operating on Slack.

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Stories from our users

Technical IT Support

"We are managing all of our incoming IT requests in a single channel using Suptask ticketing system. It has made our daily work easier as the communication with users is flawless."

IT Manager

"Our previous system forced people to an external ticketing system, but conversations about tickets were still happening on Slack. Suptask really was the missing piece for us"

IT Service Desk Agent

"Our organization is all on Slack and we had to deal with tracking messages before. Now it is all structured into Suptask which works great."

Your IT Service Desk on Slack

Faster Answers

Having all teams closer to directly on Slack is shortening the resolution time for your tickets.

Ask & Escalate

Escalate any conversation in to a ticket to get the attention and answers needed.

Increase Satisfaction Rates

Conversation based ticketing reduces iterations and time, resulting in higher satisfaction rates.


Interact on tickets on Slack with colleagues and different teams to solve tickets easily together.

Built for Slack

All actions related to tickets are happening on Slack. No need to leave for yet another system.

Optimized Workflows

Suptask offers several integrations to further optimize how you work.

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