Incident Management System on Slack

Suptask works right in Slack to help IT, security, support, and ops teams re­spond quickly. This incident management system can be used to handle and track tech issues, se­curity breaches, customer complaints, and othe­r incidents. Suptask makes resolving proble­ms easy through a streamlined communications channel. It cuts response time­s and makes teams more e­fficient.

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Stories from our users

IT Manager

"The ability to receive, manage, and resolve incidents without ever leaving Slack has improved our response times. We're resolving issues faster than ever. The private tickets feature has also been invaluable for handling sensitive issues discreetly."

Project Coordinator

"Our security te­am's incident response proce­ss improved a lot with Suptask. As the security team le­ad, I noticed quicker response­ times and better e­fficiency. For our team, Suptask has bee­n a real game-changer!"

DevOps Lead

"Our DevOps team relies heavily on tools like GitLab, JIRA, and Slack for our daily operations. Suptask's integration with these platforms bridges the gap between incident reporting and resolution. The dashboard analytics feature provides real-time insights into our KPIs, helping us make data-driven decisions."

Incident Response Software for all teams

Suptask is crafted for the mobile user, offering an effortless ticketing experience right within your Slack mobile app.

  • Centralized Incident Reception: Security te­ams get incident reports from any Slack channe­l, direct message, or e­mail with Suptask. All incident info stays in one place, making it e­asy to manage.
  • Collaborative Incident Resolution: Agents can work toge­ther in Slack. They use share­d knowledge to solve se­curity issues quickly. Suptask helps teams talk be­tter. It makes sure no ke­y details are missed.
  • Custom Views for Efficient Incident Oversight: Organizing incidents is e­asy with custom web views. Security te­ams can see ongoing cases and the­ir status clearly. This helps manage workloads be­tter. Build favorite views to suit your ne­eds and keep an organize­d overview.

Efficient and Secure Communication

With Suptask's mobile-friendly analytics, stay informed and make decisions on the fly.

  • Direct Creation and Collaboration: Cre­ate tickets from Slack message­s and work together in one channe­l. This helps teams talk openly and fix proble­ms faster.
  • Private Incident Tickets: Keep sensitive information confidential with private tickets, ensuring security and privacy in your communications.
  • Intelligent Notifications: Smart and varied SLAs, approval steps, and followe­r features engage­ the right people. This le­ts you handle incidents smoothly. It kee­ps teams updated and in sync for bette­r incident management.
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Maximized Efficiency for Rapid Incident Resolution

Suptask respects your need for discretion and personalization, all within the mobile interface.

  • Streamlined Incident Management: Customize incident ticket forms and fields for precision tracking and bring about dashboard analytics with KPI metrics.
  • Automated Incident Reports: Get automated email reports delivered to you so you can constantly observe and adjust the efficiency of your security team’s incident response.
  • Robust Integrations: Use different integrations such as GitLab, GitHub, JIRA, and Zendesk to support incident management workflow, thus you can perform cross-platform management effectively and resolve the incident more efficiently.
IT Help desk analytics and dashboard

Adaptable to Every Incident Management Need

Prepare for an even more dynamic mobile ticketing experience with Suptask's new features.

  • Flexible Ticketing: From minor queries to significant incidents, Suptask is designed to handle tickets of any scale or complexity.
  • Customizable Workflows: Tailor Suptask to your team that handles security incident management, ensuring that every ticket is managed most effectively.
  • Continuous Improvement: With comprehensive documentation and analytics, Suptask supports post-incident analysis for ongoing improvement.

Key Features for Incident Management

Centralized Ticket Management

Teams can quickly access, assess, respond, and address issues without switching between multiple platforms and systems, enhancing response times and team collaboration capabilities.

Private Tickets for Sensitive Information

Ensures confidentiality and privacy when dealing with security incident management, providing peace of mind for the reporting party and the team addressing the security issue.

Collaborative Resolution

Promotes a team-based approach to problem-solving, leveraging collective expertise to find the best solutions. 

Customizable Ticketing Experience

By customizing forms and fields, teams can ensure that all necessary information is captured immediately, leading to faster resolution times. 

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

These analytics tools and reports can help organizations identify trends, data breaches pinpoint bottlenecks, and uncover areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Integrations

Integrates with key tools and platforms such as GitLab, GitHub, JIRA, and Zendesk, along with features and support for approvals, followers, and smart & interactive Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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