Salesforce provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with broad set of different services. Salesforce delivers its platform to customers globally with different products for different teams within organizations. Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer support system where support teams can manage the communication with their customers.

Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce Service Cloud is a product that, similar to Zendesk, is the first point of touch for many customers when they reach out for support to organizations. In many submitted support cases there is an internal process to manage support ticket escalations to other teams internally in order to solve the cases with a fast resolution time.

Suptask is empowering teams to handle internal team-to-team ticketing faster than any other traditional ticketing system. Teams work closer together then any other ticketing system, bringing down barriers with a process that is fully integrated and completely on Slack.

By integrating with Salesforce Service Cloud you enable direct ticket escalations to Suptask for your support agents. Enabling them to follow their case with references throughout the Suptask ticketing lifecycle.

Suptask supports different types of integrations with Salesforce - contact us to learn more.


Integrating Suptask with Salesforce allows you to:

  • Collaborate on Suptask tickets inside of Slack
  • Escalate tickets easily from Salesforce Service Cloud to Suptask
  • Track reference Suptask tickets from Salesforce
  • Manage all ticket communication on Slack using Suptask

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