Github development platform

GitHub is a popular development platform used by organizations around the world to manage their software projects. GitHub includes everything from code management to issue tracking and various features supporting your development.

As GitHub is the place to track issues related to software, it is very commonly the location where a confirmed bug or issue ends up after being reported. All the way from a customer support case, to an internal escalation and troubleshooting, and finally added in to GitHub as an issue.

Integrating with GitHub

Suptask is empowering you to optimize your ticket processes, resulting in less steps required and faster turnaround time on resolutions and responses. By integrating to the ticketing ecosystem, both from the first touch of customers down to the issue tracker, we help you and your teams to work more efficient internally.

We have built the integration with GitHub from a developers point of view, making issues created having the exact information context and details developers would require to pursue it. This includes everything from tagged labels to custom description and details, making it easy to have references and data available from the start.

By integrating with Github you move your issue tracking system close to your conversations on Slack with Suptask. Allowing you to easily escalate Suptask tickets in to GitHub tickets by just applying an emoji.

Read more on how the Github integration works here.


Working with Suptask and integrating with GitHub allows you to:

  • Collaborate on Suptask tickets inside of Slack
  • Create GitHub issues from Suptask tickets or ticket replies
  • Customize meta-data for GitHub issues such as labels and description
  • Including ticket information and references to the created issue
  • Integrate with multiple GitHub projects allowing you to support multiple teams and products

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