Faster resolution times among your teams

Ticketing for HR

HR teams can establish an easy and powerful ticketing system without forcing their users to a cumbersome process in an external system. Handle all incoming request where your users already are - on Slack.

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Listen to some of our customers

HR Business Partner

"We are managing a lot of different incoming requests which makes it super easy to have all of this on Slack, in an easy and structured overview and process."

HR Manager

"Having our team handle tickets as a part of our natural messages with people on Slack, have improved our overall teamwork and performance alot."

Director of HR

"With Suptask, we managed to optimize our overall HR ticket management with up to 3x compared to our previous ticketing system."

Values for HR teams

Team Powered

Remediate tickets together with your team using private conversations on tickets.

Overview & track

An easy overview of all tickets gives you the ability to track the status across employees cases.

AI powered

Automatically get a summary of each ticket to understand the problem and solution.

Privacy aware

Tickets are private, making sure privacy is guaranteed for you and the employee.

Implement with an ease

Implementation is easy across the organization with automatic onboarding to all users.

Small & Large teams

Works for both smaller and larger teams, with possibility to optimize workflows with integrations to other systems.

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