Faster resolution times among your teams

Ticketing for Agencies

Manage ticketing at scale for all your clients across several Slack Workspaces using Suptask together with Slack Connect.

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Listen to some of our customers

Marketing Specialist

"We support all of our clients on Slack. Introducing Suptask made it easy to track all of them in a single overview, without losing any cases."

Sr. Client Manager

"All our support across clients were moved to Slack. Together with Suptask we managed to improve customer satisfaction and minimize internal overhead."

Director of Client Support

"We struggled with our previous system to make our support efficient and closely aligned to our teams. With Suptask it got very smooth as it is all on Slack these days."

Values for Agencies

Team Powered

Remediate tickets for your clients together with your colleagues and team.

Slack Connect

Integrate with your clients using Slack Connect and Suptask for a ticketing system across workspaces

No more lost cases

No more "Mark as Unread" or "Remind me Later". Gain the structured process you've been missing.

Optimized Support

Naturally align your team closer to support all of your clients without impacting productivity.

Never leave Slack

Client love it as instant support is provided in the existing conversations without leaving Slack.

Happier Customers

Feedback loops and comments are instant, resulting in faster resolution times.

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