Unlock the Future of Support Operations with AI Ticketing System

At the heart of customer service, speed and precision are essential. Suptask leverages AI within Slack to revolutionize ticketing systems, transforming how support operations are conducted. With Suptask, experience a seamless bridge between automated ticketing system and Slack's environment, creating a tailored, efficient support ecosystem.

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Stories from our users

Customer Service­ Head

"Suptask in our Slack workspace completely change­s how we do customer support. Its smart insights and smooth blend have­ let us expect and pe­rsonalize support in new ways. Groundbre­aking!"

Operations Manager

"Our old ticket system always cause­d delays and upset customers. Suptask not only make­s our workflow cleaner by letting us handle­ tickets in Slack, it also gives useful insights into our work."

IT Dire­ctor

"Suptask is a major change for handling support re­quests. The tools skills for guessing ticket amounts and its privacy fe­atures have made our se­rvice better and te­am collaboration easier."

Effortless Ticket Management within Slack

Suptask is crafted for the mobile user, offering an effortless ticketing experience right within your Slack mobile app.

  • Private Tickets: Ensure privacy while maintaining transparency.
  • Collaborative Resolution: Streamline resolution processes and boost agent productivity.
  • AI Ticketing System with Slack Integration: Create, receive, and manage tickets without leaving your Slack environment.

Efficient Support with Automated Ticket Resolution

With Suptask's mobile-friendly analytics, stay informed and make decisions on the fly.

  • Intelligent SLAs: Adapt to ticket urgency, setting clear expectations.
  • Volume Prediction: Ensure readiness for any volume without compromising quality.
  • Custom Forms: Tailor support to meet unique customer needs.
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In-depth Insights with Dashboard Analytics

Suptask respects your need for discretion and personalization, all within the mobile interface.

  • KPI Dashboards: Analyze performance and identify trends.
  • Email Reports: Stay updated on achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Predictive Analytics: Plan for future staffing and efficiency needs.
IT Help desk analytics and dashboard

Expand Your Ecosystem with Essential Tools

Prepare for an even more dynamic mobile ticketing experience with Suptask's new features.

  • Direct Integrations: Simplify approvals and expedite resolution for ai ticket.
  • Co-administration and Followers: Keep key stakeholders involved and updated.
  • Comprehensive Integrations: Connect with GitLab, JIRA, Zendesk, and more for a cohesive ecosystem.

Key Features for Your Company

Custom Views

Enhanced visibility and control over tickets.

Smart SLAs

Adaptive service agreements that meet or exceed expectations.

Advanced Analytics

In-depth dashboards and reports for continuous improvement.

Slack Integration

Seamless management of tickets within Slack.

Privacy and Collaboration

A balanced approach to sensitive information protection and teamwork.

Comprehensive Integrations

Unify your support tools for streamlined operations.

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