We re-invented helpdesk support, brought it back to a simple but yet powerful solution that is empowered by your conversations and messages. 

IT Helpdesk, often referred to in the context of IT service desk, is a key function within IT Service Management (ITSM) that supports the internal IT within organizations. Everybody who has been working within an IT Helpdesk understands the importance of having an optimized process in order to provide a resolution to a case as fast as possible with retained quality. 

Today’s world has changed a lot with ITSM solutions providing more automation and connecting an increased number of steps within the processes it supplies. 

At the same time, the way we communicate and work within organizations have drastically changed. Conversations are happening instantly today, where the usage of e-mail is decreasing while interactions over messaging platforms is increasing. 

The Natural Way of Communicating

This change is happening right now, some adopt slower and some have already gone all-in on using platforms like Slack for all their communication without any email. 

People want to interact closer to each other and processes need to be aligned to fit into this new world of conversations. When we built Suptask, it was based on interviews and years working with cumbersome processes that ended up with work-arounds within the platform that everyone was already using, Slack. 

Teams would create their own standards on messages within Slack in order to provide structure to a process that people should comply with inside of channels. Common ways of doing this was to use certain emoji's for different purposes e.g the dark checkmark emoji would work as a confirmation of that the message had been read and the green checkmark would prove that the case was solved.

Message threads were used to come closer to the solution and teams were co-operating great as they all were on the same communication platform. The company Teem wrote a great article about this on Wxweekly where they explained their method of applying a 100% all-in strategy moving the Helpdesk to Slack.

Over time they all shared the same problem - this solution did not scale well. Conversations on messaging platforms like Slack worked well in a very small scale but as soon as the number of incoming requests increased to a certain level, it started to fail and cases were lost and not followed up.

Moving Helpdesk Closer to Conversations

IT Helpdesk is the perfect use case for Suptask where our solution to the problem really shines. 
According to the research done by atSpoke, 70% of the surveyed people would submit their request over Slack if they had the possibility to do so.

We re-invented helpdesk support, brought it back to a simple but yet powerful solution that is empowered by your conversations and messages. 

  • Users can write in a Helpdesk channel (e.g #it-helpdesk) for both questions and actions
  • Messages can be transformed to tickets where ticket communication is happening within the message thread
  • Helpdesk responders act on submitted case tickets with a slack-first ticketing system
  • The helpdesk team can discuss in a dedicated responder channel (helpdesk-respond) where tickets are managed and responses can be picked to be sent back to the user

The Real Value of Conversation Based Helpdesk

The helpdesk team and requesting users are benefiting from moving the helpdesk support closer to the conversations. Actions are more natural within the context of your messages and Suptask helps creating the structured processes inside of Slack.

  • Time to resolve tickets (TTR) decreases as actions and collection of information can be carried it faster
  • Team engagement improves as no barriers are created with disconnected processes
  • Both users and the helpdesk team receives a better experience

Conversation based ticketing systems are here to stay and support your helpdesk.

This is just one out of many use cases Suptask can help you with.

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