Slack as a collaboration platform

Practical digitalization is something that Slack has proven to do really well in organizations where it is being used to change the way communication and collaboration is done. What many don't get is how Slack is just not another chat or communication platform but rather a collaboration platform. 

With a world being increasingly remote post-pandemic, new ways of working and collaborating have been discovered (or forced to be discovered). Teams don’t have to trust all being physically located but rather how they can work more efficiently by smart, collaborative and optimized workflows in the tools and services you use. 

Direct ROI with aligned processes over Slack

With this change, Slack is taking the position to become your Digital HQ, being a platform that provides you with a lot more for your organization and your teams. To collaborate, to share asynchronously and to be truly remote. 

A recent study by Forrester showed that handling ticketing escalations in Slack improved average handling time by over 17%. As this is the average, the number of extreme cases further up in the percentiles is likely to be improved even more. The study pointed to a number of positive facts; that customer satisfaction improved and that revenue saw an increase by over $967 000 for those companies incorporating a Slack oriented escalation process. 

This study is a great example of what service processes in Slack can mean to improve efficiency and lower the handling / resolution time of tickets. It is also the proof of Slack taking a real position as the Digital HQ with processes like this being established on top of its platform. 

Digital HQ for all your teams

Ticketing processes for customer support tickets is one example, but imagine similar processes among your organization. What would happen when requests to the HR team suddenly received a better structured ticketing process? Or when your internal sales support took this approach instead of emails? 

The impact of understanding the concept of Slack being a Digital HQ can have an extreme positive impact in your organization. With its apps it offers great potential on what can be done to help organizations and teams, optimizing workflows and providing supportive toolings.

Ticketing with Suptask in your Digital HQ

Suptask took this approach early, aligning a completely Slack native ticketing system within your Slack workspace without the need of external systems. Companies with its organizations have identified that they need Suptask’s structured ticketing process within their existing collaboration on Slack, instead of forcing them out to other systems. 

This has moved many teams to handle escalations within the organization easily, improving handling time way above 17% as Suptask is Slack native. This has allowed use cases for Service Desk & Help desk, Sales support, Technical IT support and HR processes to be covered by Suptask. 

Digital HQ is here to stay and Slack is driving that innovation to be the platform for it. Suptask is your alternative to achieve a structured ticketing process between your teams, increasing your revenue and customer satisfaction as handling time of your tickets is improved by far. 

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