Faster resolution times among your teams


Bridging escalations and reported customer cases into your issue tracker. Suptask lets you co-operate closely with other teams to reply and remediate customer issues faster.

Add To Slack

Built by engineers for engineers

Team Lead Engineer

Tracking messages and threads worked until a certain point. With Suptask we get the ticket structure we need, aligned with the teams we chat with daily.

Chief Customer Officer

Our Customer Success team is now working closer than ever with our Engineering team, with all communication and ticketing on Slack.

Backend Engineer

We receive all escalations from our Support team via Suptask. Confirmed issues goes in to Gitlab and all communication is on Slack via Suptask.

Suptask for Engineering

Team Powered

Remediate tickets together with your team using private conversations on tickets.

Issue Tracking

Confirmed product issues can easily be linked to your existing issue tracker such as Gitlab.

No more lost cases

No more Mark as Unread or Remind me Later. Gain the structured process you've been missing.

Optimized Workflows

Suptask offers several integrations to further optimize how you work.


Work closer with other teams and remediate tickets faster compared to traditional ticketing systems.

Happier Customers

Feedback loops and comments are instant, resulting in faster resolution times.

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